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Often know as ‘flying rats’, the control of feral birds and pigeons is a highly controversial subject. Some see pigeons and other bird life as a natural part of the local wildlife, while others see them as a nuisance bird.

If you are having problems with pigeons or other birds species, Bird Control Manchester can help. Bird Control Manchester offers a comprehensive bird control service, from bird control to prevention we have a bird control solution for residential and commercial customers. From cleaning bird guano, bird netting, bird spike installation and other preventative measures. Call Bird Control Manchester on 0161 448 1782 for more information on our bird control services. We cover Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas.


Human dwellings, birds nests, and bat caves make the most suitable habitats for bed bugs since they offer warmth, areas to hide, and most importantly hosts on which to feed. Bed bugs are not evenly distributed throughout the environment but are instead concentrated in harbourages. Within human dwellings, harbourages include cracks and crevices in walls, furniture, behind wallpaper and wood paneling, or under carpeting. Bed bugs are usually only active during night but will feed during the day when hungry. Bed bugs can be transported on clothing, in traveler’s luggage, or in bedding and furniture

Life Cycle:

Beg Bugs are confined to living spaces, copulation among male and female bed bugs is difficult. The female possesses a secondary copulatory aperture, Ribaga’s organ or paragenital sinus, on the fourth abdominal sternum where spermatozoa from the male are injected. The spermatozoa then migrate to the ovaries by passing through the haemocoel, or body cavity. The female bed bug lays approximately 200 eggs during her life span at a rate of one to 12 eggs per day. The eggs are laid on rough surfaces and coated with a transparent cement to adhere them to the substrate. Within six to 17 days bed bug nymphs, almost devoid of color, emerge from the eggs. After five molts, which takes approximately ten weeks, the nymphs reach maturity.

Treatment For Pigeons

Effective proofing, control, fouling removal and insecticidal treatment can save money and reduce risk of disease. The various control methods include:

Bird Netting:

Ideal for excluding birds from certain areas. Can be used to cover light-wells, roof-plant machinery and balconies etc.

Birdwire Systems:

Comprises stainless steel metal posts with sprung wires attached that can be fixed to most surfaces.

Spike Systems:

A plastic base with stainless steel spikes, very popular and widely used, can be applied to almost any surface.


Perfect for excluding pigeons and gulls from fire escapes, walkways, girders and plant machinery. Often the best method for proofing small access holes around soffit boards on domestic premises.

Fouling Removal And Cleaning:

We will remove bird fouling, nesting material and other contaminated waste using a specialist disinfectant followed by an insecticidal treatment to kill all the insect pests associated with the birds.




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